is an art website gallery which allows you perceive world as I see it. It's full of private feeling, emotions, far from typical photo journey albums. If you looking for a picture of the Eiffel tower it means you are in the wrong place. This website is slightly different.

Do you think you might like one of the photos over your bed or fireplace? Every photography placed at this page can be bought. You just need to choose size which interests you most and order your photo. In few days after, you can expect a parcel from the best photo studios in the world. Fast, safe and guaranteed by The leading professional photography group. Peace of cake.

And who the hell is Pavao? Pavao is my nick name. Pavao means peacock and yes, Pavao is photo addicted. I take photos for last ten years and probably I will do for a rest of my life. Why? Because it's my way of exploring world, remembering emotions, inspiring others. If you want to know how my "cocaine" taste like just "Follow a white peacock" and drown with me.